About Christina Joy


My camera is an extension of my subconscious. I learn something new every time I have it in my hand, be it technical, artistic or insight about myself.

Not born in Idaho but definitely bred, nearly my entire family lives here. We travelled every year for either Summer or Christmas vacation to visit family and friends in Idaho, my trusty camera, with actual film in it, close at hand.

Following my dad’s retirement from the Military we moved to Idaho and I went

to High School in Meridian. I have spent 37 years of my life tied to the military as a brat, wife, then a member myself.

For 10 years now I have devoted myself to producing eye catching, thought provoking images visiting 16 countries and 29 states with my camera. I have jet skied in the Persian Gulf and been almost thrown out of a tuk-tuk in Cambodia. I’ve photographed everything from RockStars to Dung beetles, A-10’s to P51’s and many planes in between. I’ve captured Sunsets and Rhinos in South Africa along with mid air helicopter refueling in Alaska.

My eclectic curation matches my approach to creating digital imagery and shows my reluctance to trap myself into a specific genre. My purpose is to share the provocative, the extraordinary and the beautifully peculiar I find in this world.